NEW SONG! First, a little backstory. I’ve had extremely lucid and often disturbing dreams ever since I can remember. Every night while i’m asleep, I go on hundreds of terrifying adventures simultaneously across multiple universes. My dream realm is a world not much unlike this one only rearranged, mirrored, and amplified by my darkest thoughts and fears. I can even draw a geography map and return to previously visited locations even beyond one singular planet. I never thought this was out of the ordinary until I started talking to others about this, most of which tell me that they don’t even know if they have dreams, let alone lucid ones. I find it difficult to converse about it so I usually just keep it to myself. If you’ve ever caught me in a bad mood right after I wake up, this is probably why.

Back in 2012, I produced an unfinished 10-song EP thematically inspired by oneirology (the scientific study of dreams). Sonically, I was able to replicate the exact audible atmosphere of my dreamscape but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to do the same thing with the lyrics. Eventually I decided to stick the album in a drawer and move on with something else. Fast forward to a few years later, I started keeping a dream journal and documenting my experiences one night’s sleep at a time. After a couple years, I managed to fill my notepad with some of the most bizarre and symbolic stories imaginable. I became paranoid as I started to see connections between stories in the dream world and those in my own, sometimes I even manage to witness events that i’ve already seen before. In fear of losing my mind, it was only a matter of time before I dusted off those beats and started transcribing my dream journal into my rhyme book.

I don’t have a release date on the horizon given i’ll never really know the entire story but I figure the next best thing to do would be to drop it randomly piece by piece over the duration of my lifetime. This is just one of the songs off of that project, featuring two verses with two seemingly unrelated stories. These stories will continue on other songs, but never in linear order. Beat produced by me, seven years in the making (link in my bio). To be continued.