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Groundwaves August 2020 Recap

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Had such a great time last night on Twitch. I realize that I haven’t really posted anything about the online version of Groundwaves that Murs and the The Music District have been hosting this last few months, partially because I’ve enjoyed the exclusivity of it all and feeling like part of the “in” crowd, but mostly because I cherish it too much for words and I don’t want my gratitude to read as disingenuine. It’s impossible to sum up in a single post how much this platform means to me but I should at least try, that said, thank you to my hero Murs and to my entire Groundwaves fam for being so loving and accepting of me and inspiring me to become a better artist and emcee. That also goes for anyone that fucks with me in general, your support continues to fuel my drive and despite my lone wolf persona and DIY idealism, I wouldn’t have the confidence required to continue doing this if it wasn’t for your validation and support. Thank you for giving me the courage to live my dreams, I hope I make you guys proud 🙏

Below you can find a list of links to all of the music I have performed and/or premiered on both the digital 2020 version and the 2019 concert versions of Groundwaves. Only two more streaming events remain this year (9/15 & 10/13), I have some special goals in mind for this next two so I encourage you guys to subscribe to and be on the lookout. Also, I have decided to start streaming more often on my own Twitch channel as well so shoot me a follow and get notified whenever I go live ( I’ll be doing everything from chit chatting with fans and playing video games to making beats and premiering music videos and lots, lots more.

Love y’all. Thanks for the support ❤️

Gentry Fox Groundwaves 2020

JUL / Affirmatory:

Groundwaves 2019

OCT / Analog:

AUG / Lovesick:

JULY / Classic:

JUNE / Burglary:

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