The homie Jer from SBS wrote an AMAZING track-by-track review of my new record, dude is easily one of my favorite music journalists of all time. The amount of depth and thought he put into this review is very humbling, I really appreciate him taking the time to dissect this record the way it was intended. Check it out!

“Gentry Fox is one of those dude’s that’s always going to have something relevant to say and continually be an effective commander of the m-i-c over the years to follow.  While a title like Rare Demo Shit, Vol. 2 certainly suggests there’s still room to grow and improve – there’s no doubt that where he’s at already, is decidedly entertaining, and the strengths he’s shown fully prove that as an artist, he’s already thriving.” - Jer (SleepingBagStudios)

Click here to read the full review: http://bit.ly/2rC8Lrp

"RDSV2" now available in-stores everywhere 🦊

Find it here: http://smarturl.it/rdsv2