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New Song (Prodigy)

Storytime. In 2015, I built a fully functional time machine that can travel to, from, and in-between the activation date on the device and the year I die (2019-?).

I decided to use this technology to travel to the year 2040 where I met my future self and hung out with him on his private island and made beats in the studio on his yacht. He educated me about the Law of Attraction and why whack rappers in our era would rap about cash and fame and become rich and successful while dope rappers who rap about pain and struggle seemed to go undergo the most trouble. He was very wise but hearing him talk was boring as shit and making me fall asleep. I pretended to listen and but i’m pretty sure I spaced every single word he said.

Long story short, he got in the boof and we recorded this track over an “old school beat” and then he gave it to me on a 120 zettabyte USB drive and told me to take it back to 2019. I asked him if that was a smart thing to do and he said “probably not but so what, it would be dope as f***”, I’m pretty sure he was either drunk or high on something. I thought the track was kinda whack to be honest but future Gentry knows best, so without further ado, here is the song. Fresh from the year 2040. Enjoy.


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